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Blac Chyna Calls Wendy Williams Out After Talk Show Host Claims Chyna Regularly Hits Her Up For Money

There is some drama between Blac Chyna and Wendy Williams. During the Monday episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show‘ the controversial talk show host blasted Blac Chyna.

While discussing Tyga’s recent lawsuit, she asked, “He has a child with Blac Chyna, right?”

She then continued by saying…

I told you Blac Chyna texts me regularly ‘Can you help me find a condo I have no place to live.’ Maybe she sent a blast to everyone she knows because it didn’t say, like ‘Dear Wendy’. I didn’t answer it … I don’t want to be involved.

Damn. I mean, if that’s true, it’s kinda weird that Chyna is reaching out to Wendy for help. But at the same time, if Chyna really was struggling to find a place to live, it’s kinda messed up that Wendy is just making fun of her for it.

Later on Monday, Chyna apparently heard about Wendy’s comments. She reacted by posting a video on her Instagram account, showing off her driveway full of luxury vehicles.

She wrote the lyrics to her song “Cash Only” over the video…

Ain’t no sense in lying, I don’t call nobody mine. And I ain’t checking for nobody either, I promise I’m fine. I’d rather chase money to spend ’cause I can’t see myself spending time. I don’t need one on my side ’cause I can’t be worried ’bout you when I’m busy tryna get mine.

She then gave a video tour of her backyard from the second story deck of her mansion in Calabasas. There was a swimming pool, a basketball court and even a playground.

So, uh, I guess she’s doing fine? Wendy didn’t say how long ago the text was, but apparently Chyna has found that “condo” and much more.

Unless she hit up airbnb real quick…

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