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Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Hug And Seem Very Friendly Days After Split Announcement

You may have heard the news back on Friday (Nov 13) that Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis had split. It was a truly shocking announcement because they seemed so in love.

Just as recently as September, the two stars were seen packing on the PDA during a Malibu beach trip.

So what happened? Well, sources claim they just had too many disagreements. A big one being on where they wanted to live.

They were bicoastal, but Jason loved living in New York and Olivia, who was born in NYC, was leaning more toward Los Angeles. … They butted heads on many occasions and decided it was best to go their separate ways.

The two stars had been together since 2011. That’s when they first started dating. They got engaged one year later and have two kids together.

And while many fans were upset about the news, they can rest easy knowing there appears to be zero bad blood between Wilde and Sudeikis. On Monday, the paparazzi caught them hugging and laughing together in Los Angeles.

Wilde was not wearing her engagement ring, but they seemed to be happy and truly enjoying each other’s company. A source claims they’ve been separated for “months now” and everything is all good between them.

They’ve been separated for months now and there really is no drama. They’re handling this like adults. It’s all about coparenting their kids, Daisy and Otis. That’s the priority for them.

But if they’ve been separated for months, why were they seen on a beach date together back in September?

Makes you wonder if they split, then tried to work things out, and are now “for sure” over again.

In any event, they both appear to be committed to coparenting and it doesn’t look like there will be much drama between them. We still have hope they can work it out in the future. They really were a solid couple.

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