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MSNBC’S Rachel Maddow Reveals She’s Been MIA Because Her Spouse Susan Mikula Nearly Died From COVID-19

For the past two weeks, MSNBC’S Rachel Maddow has been off the air, which had a lot of people concerned. I mean, to be off the air right now, as Donald Trump is perhaps at his craziest, well…something serious must have been going on.

And turns out, something very serious was going on. On Thursday, Maddow returned to her show and revealed that her partner, Susan Mikula, was diagnosed with COVID-19 a few weeks ago.

During her emotional opening, Maddow said that Mikula just got “sicker and sicker” and at one point, “we really thought that there was a possibility that it might kill her.”

Mikula and Maddow have been together since 1999, so there is a strong bond between them.

What you need to know is that whoever is the most important person in your life, whoever you most love and most care for and most cherish in the world. That’s the person who you may lose, or who you may spend weeks up all night freaking out about and calling doctors all over all over the place and over and over again all night long, trying to figure out how to keep that person, breathing, and out of the hospital.

I would have done anything, I would have moved mountains for it to have been me who was sick these past couple of weeks instead of Susan. I would still give anything for that.

While Maddow is just 47-years-old, Mikula is 62, so she’s nearing that critical age when it comes to COVID-19. But still, 62-years-old is NOT old. These people who just want to let people die seem to think the only people dying are 90-year-olds on their death beds. That’s just not true though.

The good news is that Mikula is now recovering, but Maddow warned people to take this virus seriously. Don’t take the risk this holiday season.

I’m just here to tell you to recalibrate that—frankly the country needs you to recalibrate that—because, broadly speaking: There’s no room for you in the hospital anymore. This thing does not give you that choice. You can’t say I’m willing to just get it myself and play the odds, you don’t get that choice.

No one can tell you what to do this holiday season, but be as smart as you can. Remember that Thanksgiving happens every year. Remember it’s just a day on the calendar. Remember you can eat mashed potatoes and turkey with your grandma next April and pretend it’s Thanksgiving.

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