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Lara Trump Tells Fox That Donald Trump Is Prepared To Cheat His Way To Four More Years In Office (VIDEO)

As most of you have probably heard, Donald Trump and his pathetic team of lawyers have failed miserably in court. They’re like 2 and 34, and so far, they’ve provided zero evidence of widespread voter fraud.

The whole thing is a sad, pathetic attempt to overturn the election. It’s been over two weeks since Joe Biden was declared the winner, and Trump has still refused to concede. He has been constantly spreading lies on Twitter about widespread fraud, even though there is no evidence.

And now, since their court attempts have failed, Trump is attempting to just flat-out cheat.

Lara Trump went on Fox and Friends this past weekend and talked about how they’re entertaining the prospect of getting state legislators to subvert the democratic process by pressuring them to switch to pro Trump electors.

She’s saying going to state legislators to try and overturn the results is an option. It’s illegal in most states for legislators to turn on their voters and rig the electoral college system.

Lara Trump says there are 74 million people who voted for Trump who are angry at the results. She somehow thinks Joe Biden could not have gotten 80 million votes, because he only had a dozen people at some campaign events.

Again with this “Joe Biden didn’t have anybody at his rallies!” bullsh*t. First of all, he didn’t hold any actual rallies because there is a pandemic spreading across the country. It would have been irresponsible (and dangerous) for him to hold a rally. Remember the study that found Trump’s rallies led to over 30,000 cases of COVID-19?

Also, of course Trump rallies are going to seem more passionate. IT’S A CULT! THESE PEOPLE ARE BRAINWASHED! THEY’RE CHANTING THAT THEY LOVE HIM!

That’s not normal. I voted for Biden, but you ain’t never gonna see me at a rally chanting, “We love you!” at him. I’ve never loved a politician.

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