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Kanye West Gives Chris Brown A YEEZY Truck…For No Reason At All?

Kanye West is a little unpredictable, which can be a bad thing for those around him, but it can also be a great thing.

Just ask Chris Brown, who was surprised at his home in California on Tuesday when a ridiculous tank-like truck showed up at his driveway. According to sources, West sent over his manager, Bu Thiam, and a few other people to drop off a YEEZY truck at Brown’s house.

It’s not Brown’s birthday or anything. West just simply wanted to do something nice. He even wrote Brown a hand-written letter…

Congratulations to Chris brown, 20 years in the game you have overcome many hurdles and obstacles, you deserve the recognition for all the hard work you have put in.

Brown was obviously excited. He thanked West multiple times on camera, and even posted the image you see below to his Instagram account…

This, uh, vehicle, you’re looking at is a SHERP ATV. Kanye has been using them around his ranch a lot lately, most likely because they can drive through anything: ice, snow, mud, and even mountainous terrain.

As for how much they go for? Around $120,000. Not exactly a cheap gift, eh?

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