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Miley Cyrus Says She Wants To Have Sex With Dua Lipa In Howard Stern Interview

Miley Cyrus is not one to keep secrets. That’s one good thing about her. You always know where she stands on something.

The 28-year-old singer/actress was on The Howard Stern Show this week, and during her interview, she talked a lot about sex, drugs, and alcohol…you know, typical rockstar sh*t.

Stern, of course, started the conversation about sex because deep down he’ll always be a dirty old man. He brought up Miley’s ‘Prisoner‘ music video with Dua Lipa.

You know, the one where Miley and Dua are pouring fake blood all over each other’s bodies.

Stern said to Miley, “it looks like the two of you are having full-on sex,” which is a bit of an exaggeration. I’ve seen my share of full-on sex, and that ain’t it.

But Miley was nice enough to indulge him…

We did not have sex. Dua Lipa constantly reminds me. She gives me the ‘in your dreams.’ I’ve never actually had a wet dream about Dua Lipa. That’s something that she’s projecting onto me. I did not get to have sex with her unfortunately. I don’t really wanna f–k Dua Lipa that much.

Ok, I kind of want to f–k her, like, 5 percent. The more and more I’m thinking about it, I kind of do. Maybe if she did, I’m sure I’d take the bait. I mean, like come on. I would. If it was an opportunity that presented itself.

We’re sure that answer was enough to get Stern moving downstairs. Additionally, Cyrus also revealed she’s been having a lot of FaceTime sex during the pandemic.

It wasn’t all sex talk though. She also talked about her sobriety, and how the pandemic made her start drinking again…

I am always truthful. And a lot of people, their sobriety broke during this time. I was one of them. Luckily, I haven’t gone back to using any drugs, but I was drinking during the pandemic. I call it, I regressed, because, it’s really, for me, drinking hasn’t been—that hasn’t been my demon. But it does not get me going any further. If anything, it just makes me not reach my full potential, which is unacceptable to me. Like, I will not accept anyone or anything that causes me to not reach my fullest potential.

So there you go. Lots of alcohol and sex for Cyrus this year.

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