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Crazy Video Shows High School Football Player Attacking Ref After Ejection

A top high school athlete in Texas might be in some serious trouble after attacking a ref on the football field during a game on Thursday night.

The Edinburg High defensive end Emmanuel Duron was ejected from the game following a late hit penalty against an opposing player in the 2nd quarter.

Duron didn’t like the call, and ran back on the field, sprinting right at the ref. He slammed into him at full speed and the ref went flying. Worst part is, the ref didn’t even see it coming. He was blindsided.

Multiple Edinburg High coaches and players had raced out to try and stop Duron’s attack, but they were too late.

The ref was in obvious pain — and remained on the ground for several minutes. He was later evaluated in an ambulance, according to The Monitor’s Andrew McCulloch, who was reporting at the game.

Police officers escorted Duron off the field, but we don’t know if he’s going to be charged with anything. We certainly hope so though. That’s clearly assault, and this dude clearly has some anger issues.

At the very least, he should be suspended from all high school sports. We say all because he’s apparently one of the top high school wrestlers in Texas. He was the favorite to win a state title.

It’s clear his “star status” gave him a big head. Hopefully he learns his lesson and changes his ways, but the only way that happens is if they give him an appropriate punishment. And that’s a big “IF” because high school football stars in Texas are treated like royalty.

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