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The Gloves Are Off! Kelly Clarkson Claims Estranged Husband Defrauded Her Out Of Millions!

Geez. This divorce between Kelly Clarkson and her estranged husband Brandon Blackstock is getting messier by the minute. As some of you may know, the legal drama started around three months ago when Clarkson filed for divorce after over six years of marriage.

And while Clarkson (after battling in court for two months) was awarded primary custody of their two children, the money situation is nowhere close to being solved.

Not only is Blackstock asking for nearly $500k a month in spousal support, but he and his father’s management company put out a lawsuit against Clarkson, claiming she owed them over $1 million in unpaid commissions.

The filing alleged that the ‘Because of You’ singer, who has been with the company since 2007, has not paid the total commission for her work on The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Voice for 2020, which would add at least $5.4 million to her total money owed..

Well, now Clarkson is fighting back. She is countersuing their management company, claiming they violated the California Labor Code.

The American Idol winner claimed that the company violated the Talent Agencies Act numerous times and argued that all agreements between the parties should be ‘declared void and unenforceable,’ including a verbal agreement that requires 15 percent commission on her gross earnings.

She says that both Blackstock and his father were not licensed in the state of California to be agents, and so now she wants all the money she paid to the company back.

According to the documents, obtained by Us Weekly on Thursday, December 10, Clarkson claimed that her agreement with the management company was a ‘fraudulent and subterfuge device’ that allowed her managers to perform ‘illegal services’ as agents.

Damn. Money truly is evil, man. They are fighting to keep every last stack of cash, and it’s getting nasty.

And the sad thing is, either way they’d be rich. Even if one of them gave up, they’d still be rich. This is all just, “Well, but, what if I want THREE boats?” money problems.

It ain’t worth it.

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