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Sources Say Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Are Headed For Divorce, Also Did Kanye Really Smash Jeffree Star?

Just as everyone was watching the runoff election in Georgia last night, some major Kim Kardashian and Kanye West news broke.

Page Six was first to report that Kim and Kanye are *THIS CLOSE* to getting a divorce. They claim that multiple sources have told them a divorce is imminent.

They are keeping it low-key but they are done. Kim got Kanye to go up there [Wyoming] so they could live separate lives and quietly get things sorted out to separate and divorce. She’s done. Now this divorce is happening because Kim has grown up a lot.

She is reportedly tired of protecting Kanye. After all, she’s basically his mother sometimes, trying to cover up for him in the media with all the dumb sh*t he says.

TMZ sources say they’re hearing very similar things, except they won’t say it’s “done” yet because Kim is very on and off about this.

We’re told no final decision has been made, and it’s telling they’ve been in counseling for a while.

We’re told their issues have been neither contentious nor ugly, but they do have lots of differences … from lifestyle to politics. They are, however, fully aligned on parenting.

So what about this Jeffree Star craziness? Well, a rumor started swirling on TikTok and Twitter, and it’s pretty damn bizarre.

A TikToker by the name of Ava Louise claims she was told by a “very good source” that Kanye hooked up with the male beauty guru.

Now that Kim’s finally doing this, I feel like I can spill the tea that I’ve been holding onto for months. This whole divorce comes as no surprise. Kanye’s been hooking up with a very famous beauty guru, male beauty guru, and a lot of people in the scene have known for a while.

Of course, this cannot be verified, and it comes from some random chick whose claim to fame is starting the toilet-licking challenge. Seriously. She was on Dr. Phil for starting the COVID-19 toilet-licking challenge.

How would she have inside information? Well, she probably wouldn’t, however I suppose there is a slim chance she’s connected to the YouTube world, where she may have heard people talking.

But that’s a big stretch. Still though, Twitter is all about it…

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