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Facebook/Instagram Bans Donald Trump From Posting For The Next Two Weeks

People have been calling on this for years, and now finally, Mark Zuckerberg has made the call.

Donald Trump has been banned from Facebook/Instagram for at least two weeks, until the inauguration on January 20. This coming after the complete chaos yesterday, where domestic terrorists stormed the capitol in a last-ditch effort to overturn the election.

Four people died during the riots, including one woman who was shot in the chest while trying to break into a locked room inside the building.

Zuckerberg claims the situation is now too dangerous, and allowing Trump to incite his insane base even more might result in more loss of life.

Of course, many people are laughing at this statement. Like…now? NOW? 13 DAYS BEFORE HE’S NO LONGER PRESIDENT? THIS HAS BEEN BUILDING FOR MONTHS!

He has been spreading lies and essentially brainwashing his followers for months. This was all planned, and everyone just sat back and watched it happen.

And now everyone is acting all surprised? Nah. F**k that. Everyone saw this coming. When a president sits there and constantly tells people that their vote didn’t count and their country is trying to steal an election from them, what do you think is going to happen?

It might sound dumb as hell to us, but these people TRULY believe that the election was stolen. They truly believe the government is not counting their votes.

How would you react if you believed that?

This is why Trump is so damn dangerous. He has convinced millions of people that their vote was stolen. He has filled millions of people with intense rage.

And he’s done this all without ANY EVIDENCE! And what helped him along the way? Social f**king media. You can call these people stupid all you want, and while it might be true, our job is to protect the vulnerable. We failed to do that. We watched their slow radicalization.

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