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UFC Fighter Irwin Rivera Arrested After Allegedly Stabbing His Two Sisters

Another UFC fighter arrested for being violent? Whaaat? No way! This time, it’s Irwin Rivera. The 31-year-old fighter is a onetime Titan FC Bantamweight champion, and he most recently fought in September, losing against Andre Ewell.

Now it looks like he might not be fighting (at least professionally) for a long time. He was arrested on Thursday (Jan. 7) in Florida after he stabbed his two sisters in a wild attempt to kill them.

He is facing some SERIOUS charges, including two counts of premeditated murder in the first degree. There are conflicting reports on this, by the way. Some outlets say he was actually charged with two counts of attempted murder. Either way, the dude is in some big trouble.

Per ESPN’s report, a 22-year-old woman and 33-year-old woman were both found alive with multiple stab wounds and taken to the hospital. The younger woman suffered wounds to her head, back and arm, while the older woman was stabbed on her face, back, arms and hands. 

In the report, one of the sisters told police that the women were sleeping in Irwin’s extra room when they awoke to him stabbing them repeatedly with the knife. 

He reportedly told cops that a “higher power” told him to do it, so yeah, this dude has issues. He actually confessed to the police that he killed his sisters, so apparently he didn’t know they survived the attack.

The UFC has released the following statement:

The allegations are extremely troubling and the organization is currently gathering additional information. The investigation is ongoing and any potential next steps including disciplinary action or medical attention will be determined upon the conclusion.

Those around him say he’s been “exhibiting behavior consistent with mental health issues.”

Ya’ think? Sounds like this should have been addressed long before it came to this.

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