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Bruce Willis Asked To Leave Store In L.A. After Refusing To Wear A Mask While Shopping

If you’ve closely followed celebrity news for years, then you should know Bruce Willis kinda seems like a huge a**hole. There have been several interviews with him throughout the years that show him acting like a douchebag to reporters.

So the news of him being an anti-masker? It’s not surprising. The 65-year-old actor walked inside a Rite Aid in Los Angeles on Monday (January 11) with a scarf around his neck.

He did not pull the scarf up when he entered though. When he was asked to cover his face, the actor just left without buying anything, instead of pulling the f**king scarf up a few inches.

Take a look at this dude…

This is the face of a dude who knows if he gets the virus, he’ll most likely be fine because he can afford every treatment out there.

For what it’s worth, after the photos went viral, Willis issued a short statement to Us Weekly, “It was an error in judgement. Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

Uh, what? If that’s not the most pathetic statement ever. An error in judgement? You didn’t cheat on your wife! YOU WERE ASKED TO WEAR THE MASK AND STILL REFUSED TO PULL IT UP! INSTEAD, YOU LEFT WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING AS IF YOU WERE TAKING A STAND!

I bet Bruce gave serious thought to storming the capitol as well.

*by the way, L.A. is currently the COVID-19 hotspot right now, so not wearing a mask in the city is especially dangerous

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