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‘Survivor’ Star Angie Jakusz Has Died At The Young Age of 40

Geez. It feels like 2020/21 has been filled with one death after the other, even when it comes to deaths not related to COVID-19. Perhaps it’s because we’re all so focused on it now, but still, it’s a bummer.

It’s being reported that former ‘Survivor‘ contestant Angie Jakusz has died at the young age of 40. Her family reports that she died on Friday after a battle with cancer. We don’t know her exact cause of death, or what form of cancer she had, but we know it was rare.

Her fellow contestants playfully gave her the nickname, ‘No Fun Angie,’ when she appeared on the competition show’s tenth season, ‘Survivor: Palau.’ She competed for the Ulong tribe.

She was known to be very independent and determined, which is where her nickname came from. She was voted off the island on day 12.

According to her obituary, she had a full life in New Orleans with her multiple hobbies…

Angie was an incredibly passionate person with an extraordinary lust for life. Whether she was sewing, painting, drawing, doing nail art or makeup, costuming, reading, snorkeling, scuba diving, traveling or just raising hell, she did it lovingly and with laser precision.

Sounds like “No Fun Angie” had a lot of fun.

Angie is survived by her husband of nine years, Steven Calandra, as well as her parents, brother, niece and nephew. There have been a number of ‘Survivor’ deaths throughout the past couple years.

In August of 2020, Cliff Robinson, died at age 53 after battling lymphoma. Former contestant Ashley Massaro also died back in 2019 at age 39.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all their friends and families.

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