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Al Roker Gets COVID-19 Vaccine Live On The ‘Today’ Show (VIDEO)

The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine across the United States has been a failure, which is not exactly surprising considering for at least one more day, Donald Trump is our president.

But thankfully, new doses of the vaccine are finally spreading across the country. The coronavirus vaccine made it to NYC’s Lenox Hill Hospital this past weekend, and America’s favorite weatherman, Al Roker, was desperate to get a shot.

He spent most his weekend refreshing the online booking system, and on Sunday morning, he finally got scheduled for a shot.

Sunday morning, I finally got assigned here to Lenox Hill Hospital. It was a constant—I kept hitting refresh, refresh on the browser and finally got in guys…luck of the draw.

Yes, that’s the current state of this life-saving vaccine. People have to keep refreshing their browsers as if they’re trying to be first in line to buy concert tickets.

At over 65-years-old, and having recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, Roker was the perfect candidate for the shot. He decided to get the vaccine live on the Today show, to inform viewers on the facts.

He talked to the doctor before getting the vaccine, about how important it is to still wear a mask after being fully vaccinated, because they do not know for sure if you’d still be able to spread it.

As with most diseases, when you get some immunity, we’re hoping you then wouldn’t be able to then transmit it. But we’re going to see as these things go and we’ll have a little bit more information coming.

As for what Roker can expect to feel from the shot? The good doctor says he’ll feel some soreness in his arm and maybe some body aches, but that should be all. He compared it to the flu shot.

“You’re going to be up and on the Today show tomorrow morning, no problem,” the doctor assured him.

So yeah, don’t be afraid to get the vaccine, folks. I’ve heard some people say, “What if it doesn’t work?” and it’s like, well okay then…it doesn’t work. Oh well? Do you only do things that you know will be 100% effective? Sounds like a pretty boring life.

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