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U.S. Capitol Riot Hero Eugene Goodman Gets Promotion, Escorts Kamala Harris During 2021 Presidential Inauguration

Today is a great day for America. We have a new president and a new vice president. Donald Trump no longer has power. He no longer has a Twitter account or a Facebook account. He’s a nobody once again. He can longer incite the violence he did just a couple weeks ago.

One of the people who had to protect against that violence was Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman.

He became a star when a video of him trying to lead rioters away from the Senate chamber after the Capitol building was breached went viral.

This is what a police officer looks like. He probably saved some lives that terrible day, and to honor his bravery, he was named the acting deputy sergeant at arms.

He escorted Vice President Kamala Harris and her family during the 2021 Presidential Inauguration.

CNN reporter Kristin Wilson talked about how Goodman’s quick thinking in the moment potentially saved many lives during the Capitol riot…

In front of the officer, coming up the stairs, is a mass of rioters. The USCP officer glances to his left. Between those two chairs is the entrance to the senate floor. He lured them to his right, away from their targets.

Over 80,000 people have a signed a petition, calling on him to receive the Medal of Freedom.

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