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Pro Golfer Justin Thomas Enters Training Program After Using Anti-Gay Slur In Bizarre Way On The Course (VIDEO)

This story is weird as hell, mainly because of how the anti-gay slur was used. You see, Justin Thomas (one of the biggest names in golf currently) was on the 4th green during the Sentry Tournament of Champions in Hawaii back on January 9th.

He missed a pretty easy 5-foot par putt and was clearly frustrated when he shouted “fa**ot” to himself.

Pretty strange, right? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that word used in such a way. Obviously I’ve heard it used in certain settings, where some super macho friend is telling another friend that he’s being a fa**ot.

But in this scenario, Thomas seemed to replace a “f**k” or “damn” with the anti-gay slur, which is bizarre to me. Are people really using that word to express frustration? I’ve never heard it used like that. Are people walking around the house, stubbing their toe and crying out, “FA**OT!”

I have no idea, but you can bet he’s regretting it right now. He has lost sponsors over the incident, including one big sponsor in Ralph Lauren.

In a post-play interview, Thomas apologized for using the slur, “There’s just no excuse. I’m an adult, I’m a grown man. There’s absolutely no reason for me to say anything like that.”

On Wednesday, he told his followers that he’s planning on entering a training program to help him learn from this incident.

It’s not a word I use, but for some reason it was in there and that’s what I’m trying to figure out — why it was in there. And like I said, it’s going to be part of this process and training program, whatever I need to do, not only to prove to myself but to prove to my sponsors and prove to the people who don’t know who I am that that is indeed not the person I am.

I don’t know, man. I almost believe him when he says it’s not a word he uses, because I’ve never heard someone use it the way he did.

Who knows, but since he’s losing money over it, you can bet he’s going to put on a show trying to get that forgivene$$.

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