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Jerry Seinfeld Talks About His Cringey Interview With Larry King

As most of you know, the legendary CNN host Larry King passed away on January 23rd, 2021, at the age of 87. He had been battling COVID-19 in the hospital for weeks and just couldn’t fight it off.

King was well respected in the news world. He had two Peabodys, an Emmy and ten Cable ACE Awards. During his long career, he hosted over 50,000 interviews.

And some of those interviews didn’t go as planned. One of the more painfully awkward moments came during an interview with Jerry Seinfeld back in 2007.

During the interview, Jerry teased King for seemingly not knowing that he chose to end his hit sitcom Seinfeld, rather than the network pulling the plug on it.

You’re not aware of this? You think I got canceled? Are you under the impression that I got canceled? I thought that was pretty well-documented. Is this still CNN?

Jerry then talked about how the series finale had over 75 million viewers. “Boy don’t take it so bad,” King replied.

Jerry responded, “There’s a big difference between being canceled and being No. 1”

It always came across to me as Jerry being a little butthurt, like, “HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW HOW MUCH OF A STAR I AM!”

But now that the interview is getting lots of attention again, Jerry went on his Twitter account to clear up the confusion. He claims he was just giving King a hard time…all in good fun.


In any event, it made for good television, and that’s what King was all about.

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