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Cop On Paid Leave After Body Slamming Teen Girl At A High School In Florida (VIDEO)

After 2020, a year that focused heavily on police brutality and excessive force, you would think police officers would be on their best behavior.

But apparently, they truly don’t give a f**k. On Tuesday afternoon, an officer named Ethan Fournier, was trying to break up a fight between two teen girls at Liberty High School in Florida.

While trying to restrain the girl, he lost his cool and body slammed her to the ground, causing her head to slam against the concrete. You can see how her body goes limp in the video below…

Pretty violent stuff. It may sound silly, but moves like that can kill people. You hit your head right on the ground and that’s it. You’re done.

Thankfully, this girl was treated at the scene and is reportedly “fine” according to the police department.

Speaking of the police department, they held a press conference on the incident Wednesday morning. The Sheriff, Marcos Lopez, claims the officer involved is now on paid administrative leave pending an investigation, which is reportedly being headed by a separate law enforcement agency…but it’s still a law enforcement agency.

Anyway, Lopez appeared to have his co-worker’s back. He said that he’s innocent until proven guilty, which obviously is true, but the way he talked…I don’t know. Made it seem like he thought all this was overblown.

And look, I get it…sometimes you have to take a suspect down. That’s going to happen. Cops just can’t go around simply asking, “May I put you in handcuffs?”

But at the same time, if the only way a grown man cop can place a teen girl in handcuffs is to body slam her to the ground…well, I don’t know. Maybe they need some more training? Not just training in takedowns, but also training IN DE-ESCALATING! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! TRAIN ALL OFFICERS IN THAT!

There are too many videos showing cops being all aggressive for no damn reason. They always make sh*t worse, and I bet that’s what happened here as well.

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