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Wow! Take A Tour Inside Serena Williams’ Beautiful Miami Mansion (VIDEO)

Serena Williams has worked incredibly hard her entire life to be the best, and thanks to that hard work, she’s now worth $200 million.

And with that much money, Serena can afford the finer things in life, like a huge ass mansion in Miami filled with all the trophies she’s won while playing tennis throughout the years.

In a new video for Architectural Digest, the 23-time Grand Slam Champion gave viewers a little tour of her mansion located just north of Miami.

Serena began the tour with her unique living room layout which is actually an open-floor art gallery. The exhibition room begins near the front door with a beautiful piece art piece from the artist Radcliffe Bailey.

Serena also revealed she likes to create art herself, and even showed off a few of her pieces as well. Who knows, maybe she’ll become a great artist later in life.

After showing off her clear, grand piano, Serena led views to her trophy room which holds only some of the awards she’s won over the years and her some of her own memorabilia. One of which included a box of Wheaties cereal with herself on the cover.

I mean, when you’ve collected that many trophies, why not show them off?

She also showed off her karaoke room, which was a little surprising. I didn’t think Serena would have a special karaoke room inside her house, but hey, everything about this tour surprised me.

It feels more like a museum than a home. It definitely don’t look comfy! I’d be afraid of breaking sh*t all the time.

Check out the tour below…

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