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Comedian Ted Alexandro Is Blasting SNL, Claiming They Stole His Zillow Joke…WHAT DO YOU THINK? (VIDEO)

Dan Levy hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and no surprise, he did a great job. If you haven’t watched his show, Schitt’s Creek, you need to change that right this minute.

Anyway, it was the first time Levy had hosted the iconic sketch comedy show, and he was hoping to have at least one viral moment.

Thankfully he got it with this hilarious Zillow parody ad…

Hilarious, right? And so very true.

The only problem is that a comedian named Ted Alexandro claims SNL stole the joke from him.

He went on his Twitter account on Sunday to call SNL out. He attached a clip of him telling a very similar joke at a comedy club. He jokingly asked SNL to venmo him a million dollars.

TMZ reports:

It’s unclear when Ted first performed his Zillow joke, but it appeared in a compilation video he released with a bunch of his stand-up shows called “Ted Alexandro: CUT/UP” … which got posted on YouTube in September. Looks like it might have surfaced well before that though.

Here’s the thing though, the premise of this joke isn’t exactly original. I’ve seen variations of it on Twitter before. It’s not as if two minds couldn’t think of something like this. I constantly see people tweeting about how they fantasize and lose themselves while looking at homes they can’t afford.

Hell, a version of this joke has been around since open houses became a thing. I can remember a few sitcoms where the leads go to an open house they clearly can’t afford, but they want to dream for at least a few hours.

So yeah, while it sucks for this Ted guy, I’m not convinced the writers at SNL saw his bit and ran with it.

What do you think?

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