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‘American Pie’ Star Jason Biggs Talks About How Much He Regrets Turning Down Starring Role In ‘How I Met Your Mother’

How I Met Your Mother‘ was an extremely popular sitcom on CBS for a solid nine seasons. It ran from 2005 all the way to 2014. The stars of the show are now set for life, thanks to reruns and streaming deals. By the later seasons, the core group of stars were making over $5 million a season.

And while we all loved the cast, it could have looked much different. During SiriusXM’s The Covino and Rich Show, Jason Biggs talked about how he was originally offered the role of Ted Mosby in the show.

I was offered the role and it’s probably my biggest regret, you know, on passing. I think I was in a phase of, at the time—it sounds so obnoxious to say right now—but at the time it was like, ‘Okay, do I want to do TV?’ I don’t know that I was quite ready to go that route.

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Every damn year the show got renewed for another season, he probably mumbled curse words to himself as he tried to sleep. Instead of counting sheep, he was counting all the money he lost.

What’s interesting is that his ‘American Pie’ co-star Alyson Hannigan ended up starring in the show. Biggs revealed he never told her about how he turned down the role.

After Biggs turned down the role, CBS asked Scott Foley to star as Ted, but that didn’t work out either. Eventually, Josh Radnor signed on to star, and the rest is TV history.

Biggs claims that in the big picture, he doesn’t have any regrets, but he does wonder what life would be like had he accepted the role…

I’m very lucky, very fortunate. I’m still here. That’s number one. Great. But yeah, if I had to pick out something I wish I had done differently, I would’ve taken that gig for sure.

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