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An Emotional Serena Williams Walks Out Of Presser After Heartbreaking Loss To Naomi Osaka

Many people thought Serena Williams was back to her regular form. She was playing some really solid tennis during the Australian Open, but then it all came crashing down Thursday morning.

Then 39-year-old tennis legend was defeated in straight sets in a semi-finals match against 23-year-old tennis star Naomi Osaka.

After the match was over, the crowd in Australia gave Serena a standing ovation, and she showed her appreciation by putting her hand on her heart.

During the post-game conference, Serena was asked if that gesture was her way of saying “farewell” – hinting at a possible retirement from the sport.

“I don’t know,” Serena responded, “If I ever say farewell, I wouldn’t tell anyone,” she said, briefly revealing a smile before trying to fight back tears.

She was then asked about all the unforced errors she made during the match. The reporter wanted to know if she was possibly injured or if it was just a bad day.

Instead of answering the question, Serena took a sip of water and took a deep breath, trying to stop the tears from flowing, but it didn’t work. You could hear her voice break when she said, “I don’t know…I’m done.”

She then walked out of the press conference. Clearly this loss impacted her greatly. Serena never has liked losing, but she usually gets angry and uses it as motivation. In this press conference, she appeared to be almost defeated.

As for Naomi? Well, she wore a Lakers jacket during her post-game press conference, to honor her former mentor, Kobe Bryant.

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