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Kanye West No Longer Lives With Kim Kardashian, But He’s Allowed To See The Kids Whenever He Wants

The drama surrounding Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage has been building for months now. There have been divorce rumors swirling, but so far, Kim has held back on officially filing the papers.

Some people believe that’s because she’s still holding out hope they can work it out, but others say she’s just simply trying to get everything 100% ready to avoid a messy legal battle.

Whatever the case, sources say Kanye West is no longer living at the family home. He had been staying at his ranch in Wyoming for a while, but now he’s back in an unknown location in the Los Angeles area.

He is no longer living at the house with Kim and the kids. When he sees the kids, he meets them elsewhere. [He can] see them when he wants.

No word on how often he’s seeing them, but insiders say he still wants to be the best father he can be, so we’re assuming he sees them often.

As for Kim? Well, insiders say she is moving on and having lots of fun. We’re not sure what exactly “fun” means in this context, but you know Kanye is reading that and thinking, “Who are you f**king?”

For what it’s worth, Kanye was spotted recently still wearing his wedding ring, so who knows. Maybe he’s still trying to win Kim back.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what Lamar Odom had to say about all this, Us Weekly decided to ask him…

I think it’s very important to do the best thing for your mental health and our mental space. If that’s the best thing for them, then they have my blessings. “I haven’t been able to speak to him. I would love to though [after] what he did for me..

Awesome. Great insight. What an amazing exclusive! Maybe they can contact Kris Humphries next.

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