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Billie Eilish Seeks Restraining Order Against Disturbed Man Who Sleeps Outside Her Parents’ Home

It seems like everyone wants to be famous these days, but no one thinks about down the downside to being a celebrity.

At just 19-years-old, Billie Eilish has become a household name, and she’s had some truly great success. She also now has a net worth over $25 million, which is pretty incredible considering she just got started a couple years back.

And while the money, security and awards are nice, the crazy a** stalkers are not. Back in May 2020, Eilish had to get a temporary restraining order against a crazed fan who managed to find his way inside her family’s property.

Now, she’s having to deal with this sh*t again. On Feb. 11, the singer requested the court to grant her a civil harassment restraining order against John Matthews Hearle, a 23-year-old man who also goes by the name Adam Lucifer.

She also requested additional protective orders for her parents, because this dude has basically been camping outside their house.

For the past six months Hearle has ‘harassed and threatened’ the singer while parked at a school across from her family home. Last August, she alleges he began leaving ‘extremely disturbing and threatening’ letters on her family’s property. One such letter allegedly reads, according to her declaration, ‘You can’t get what you want, unless what you want is to die for me.’

Eilish claims he sleeps on the school’s property most nights and watches for her to visit her family’s home. She explained that every time she visits, she’s filled with extreme anxiety…

Every time I drive home I am filled with anxiety fearing that Hearle will be there waiting for me, and he usually is. After I pull into the driveway and get out of the car, I can hear Hearle talking to himself in an ominous voice, which increases my anxiety level even more.

Whenever Hearle sees me he always says something to me or makes a sign or a gesture directed to me… For example, he recently made a throat slitting gesture to me as I was backing my car into my driveway. I interpreted this as Hearle wanting to violently harm me in some way.

Geez. I can’t believe she hasn’t already been granted a restraining order against this dude. Most people like this guy are really disturbed, like they should be locked up in a mental hospital disturbed. There’s no telling what this guy could do if he snapped.

Hopefully this puts an end to the harassment. Not sure why he’s even allowed on the school property in the first place. Seems like that’d be trespassing.

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