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Daft Punk Is No More, Duo Splits Up In Retirement ‘Epilogue’ Music Video

One of the most influential groups to come out in the last 30 years has officially announced their retirement.

Electronic music duo Daft Punk has announced they are splitting up in a new video titled ‘Epilogue‘ — in which the only sounds for the first five minutes are an excerpt from their 2006 film, Electroma.

The eight-minute clip features the duo — Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo — who for many years have concealed their features behind a robot concept, walking around the desert, wearing in their familiar space helmets and leather jackets. After a few moments, one of the members looks at the other, removes his jacket and reveals an energy pack on the back. The other touches a button on the pack. The first member walks away quickly, and then explodes.

Their publicist confirmed the news to multiple media outlets, but did not give any details on the reasoning behind the split.

Makes you wonder if the duo is actually finished working together, or if they’re simply planning on starting a new project under a new name. That’s what many fans believe, and it would make sense for the eccentric duo.

Daft Punk began blowing up in the late 90s as part of the French house movement, but would go on to achieve mainstream success with ‘One More Time’ and ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.’

They won a Grammy for their ‘Alive 2007’ album, famously composed the soundtrack for ‘Tron: Legacy” in 2010, and had a smash hit in 2013 with “Get Lucky,’ featuring Pharrell.

We’ll see where they go following this announcement, but something tells me they’re already working on something new together.

It’s a see you later, not a goodbye. Bet on it.

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