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Disgraced Comedian/Actor Chris D’Elia Claims He Was Controlled By Sex During Harassment Scandal

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Chris D’Elia. You probably remember that the 40-year-old comedian was accused of sexually harassing underage girls back in the early summer of 2020.

It was super bizarre timing for these allegations to come out, considering he just finished up playing a role on the TV series ‘You’ where he played a comedian who abuses underage girls.

After the allegations came out, D’Elia took a step away from the spotlight. He’s been silent for over eight months, but he decided to return to YouTube back on Friday, the 19th.

He posted a nearly 10-minute video, explaining that he had been controlled by sex. He says it was controlling his life. According to the video, he’s spent the past several months learning more about himself and his sex addiction. He has “sought medical advice and therapy.”

What I have come to understand is this was always about sex to me. It was my focus all the time… And I had a problem. And I do have a problem. I felt lucky. I felt like, ‘Oh wow, I don’t need to work as hard. I can just do a show and then have sex.’

Or roll into a city and look at my inbox and then just start writing. And I did. I wrote, you’ve seen some of the messages online, there’s way more than that. I would get at least 50 messages after a show each city a night, and I would reply to all of them.

For those who don’t remember, there was a girl named Simone Rossi, who claimed she was contacted by the comedian on social media. He reportedly messaged her “Can we make out?” when she was just 16-years-old.

Another anonymous person came forward, claiming Chris offered to fly her out to LA just to have sex with him. She was 19-years-old at the time, so while not illegal, still kinda creepy.

Chris D’Elia did a similar thing to me. I was 19 so not underage but he messaged me on Twitter asking if I’d talk to him more privately and personally and then offered to fly me to LA to hook up.

Chris maintains that all his sexual relationships were consensual and legal. He blames a lot of his troubles on the life of a celebrity. Apparently, sex was just so easy for him to get, that it begin to be the only thing he could think about.

His sex habits soon became a ‘lifestyle’ that he didn’t know ‘how to stop.’ At the time, he would have denied he had an issue, saying, ‘I didn’t even think I had a problem… I thought that guys in my position were lucky enough and fortunate enough.’

Basically, this video is just him bragging about how much sex he had.

No, really…we’ll see what happens with his career. Will this video be enough? Probably not.

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