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Put Down The Pitchforks, DaBaby Did Not Diss JoJo Siwa In His New Track ‘Beatbox Freestyle’

Yikes. DaBaby was *THIS* close to being attacked by an angry mob of teen girls dressed in bright colors and heavy a** bows in their hair.

If you didn’t hear, the rapper dropped a new track titled ‘Beatbox Freestyle’ recently, and on the track, he name drops the 17-year-old dancer/actress.

The line was, “Turn me up, n—a gon’ see why/N—a, you a bitch, JoJo Siwa,” which had people scratching their heads. Like, does he have beef with JoJo? If so, how…why? And did he call her a bitch? There were so many questions that needed to be answered.

But before we got the answers, people on Twitter were going after DaBaby.

People were going in hard on him, but it looks like it was for no reason. Turns out, it was just a play on words.

The North Carolina rapper went on his Twitter account to clear up the confusion…

So what was the word play? It was play on his real name, Jonathan. So his first name, and then “Siwa” as “see why,” so it was basically him calling someone a bitch, then saying he sees why.

…at least, I think? I’m pretty sure that’s it. In any event, all is good and JoJo fans can calm down.


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