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Dr. Dre Slams Estranged Wife In New Song, Calls Her Greedy And Heartless!

The past few months for Dr. Dre have been difficult, to say the least. Not only has he been in an ugly divorce battle with his estranged wife, Nicole Young, but he also had a near death experience back in early January.

The 56-year-old rapper/entrepreneur suffered a brain aneurysm back on January 4 and was in the hospital for over 10 days. He’s incredibly lucky to be alive, as some stats say they can be up to 50% fatal.

But now that he’s feeling a bit better, he’s apparently been spending some time in the studio. On Monday, DJ Silk previewed a new track, which features Dr. Dre and KXNG Crooked.

In the track, Dr. Dre calls his estranged wife a greedy bitch…

Trying to kill me with them lies and that perjury // I see you trying to f*** me while I’m in surgery // In ICU death bed on some money s*** // Greedy bitch take a pic // Girl you know how money get.

Ouch. He’s certainly not holding back. Not sure how that’s going to impact him in court, but I guess he needed to let out some frustration.

For what it’s worth, Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole, has accused the near billionaire of some pretty disturbing things.

Per court documents, Young claimed that Dr. Dre held a gun to her head once in 2000 and again in 2001. She also said that the producer punched her in the face twice on two separate occasions as well as verbal and emotional abuse that ‘decimated my personhood to the extent that I currently suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome.’

She was recently granted temporary spousal support, which resulted in a one time payment of $2 million. That’s right, $2 million.

Meanwhile, Dre’s accused her of siphoning funds from one of their business accounts — which is being investigated by law enforcement. Safe to say, it’s been nasty, and you can hear it in Dre’s verse.

Geez. What a messy situation. This is why rich people shouldn’t get married. It’s not a good look for anyone.

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