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Drew Barrymore CRIED SO MUCH During The Special Birthday Episode Of Her Show

If you didn’t know it before this week, you certainly do now. Drew Barrymore loves to cry. She’s an extremely emotional person, and that was on full display the other day on her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.

You see, February 22 was her birthday. She turned 46-years-old. Not exactly a huge milestone, but still, her staff decided to make this day extra special.

They surprised her multiple times throughout the show, and every single time they surprised her, Barrymore broke down in tears.

Every. Single. Time.

When her longtime best friend Cameron Diaz made a surprise appearance? Tears.

When they showed a special birthday animation her kids made for her? Tears.

When David Letterman showed up on set? Tears.

When Steven Spielberg appeared on camera? Tears.

God. It must be so rewarding to buy her Christmas gifts. I bet all you’d need to do is make her a card that says, “I love you” with two stick figures holding hands, and she’d break down in tears and put that sh*t on the fridge.

Those people are the best.

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