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Former ‘Home Improvement’ Star Zachery Ty Bryan Pleads Guilty In Domestic Violence Case, Gets Off Easy

Remember the ’90s sitcom, Home Improvement? Of course you do. The series was incredibly successful, running for eight seasons before ending in 1999.

One of the stars of the show was an actor by the name of Zachery Ty Bryan. He played Brad Taylor on the show, the oldest of Tim and Jill’s kids.

Anyway, he hasn’t had much success in Hollywood since the show, and back in October of 2020, he was arrested after he allegedly choked his girlfriend. The scary incident happened at an apartment complex in Oregon.

TMZ obtained documents from the night of the incident detailing the actor’s girlfriend’s allegations against him. At the time, she claimed he woke up, grabbed her by the hair and began beating and choking her. She allegedly feared he was going to suffocate her. She told police she managed to break free and call 911 but said that Bryan disconnected the line. Dispatchers called back and Bryan was allegedly standing next to her as she took the call.

She also claimed this wasn’t the first time Bryan abused her. He allegedly punched her and slapped her in the head and face during an earlier incident.

Bryan was arrested on several charges, including two felonies and six misdemeanors, and released on $8,500 bail that same day. Bryan appeared before a judge, at which time his lawyer waived his formal arraignment

He finally appeared in court recently, and he managed to avoid jail time by pleading guilty and being white.

He pleaded guilty to menacing and fourth-degree assault.

He received three years’ of probation and prosecutors agreed to drop six other charges against him, including strangulation and coercion. Bryan also agreed to have no further contact with the alleged victim.

So yeah, the dude is getting off super easy. Part of this may have something to do with the ongoing pandemic, trying to keep the jails from overflowing.

But we all know it’s mostly because he’s white, and apparently still has enough money from Home Improvement to afford good lawyers.

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