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Is Van Hunt “The One” For Halle Berry? Insiders Say It’s Certainly Possible!

Is the hunt over?

As some of you may know, Halle Berry has been dating singer-songwriter Van Hunt for a little less than a year, so the relationship is still fresh.

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t talked about the future. A source spoke to Us Weekly recently, and they claim that Berry is ridiculously happy with Hunt, and truly believes he might be the one.

Halle absolutely believes Van is the one for her. [She] can see herself settling down with him. Van is head over heels for Halle. It’s adorable to see how much his is infatuated with her.

This is pretty big news, considering some people thought they had broken up recently. Halle posted a cryptic post on her Instagram that made people think they had split, but turns out, people were just reading too much into it.

Berry shut those split rumors down by posting this clip to her Instagram nearly two weeks ago…

People don’t usually dance around topless next to people they have broken up with, so yeah, they’re still good.

If Halle and Van make this work, it’ll be the happy ending Halle deserves after lots of failed relationships. She’s been married three times, most recently to Olivier Martinez from 2013 – 2016.

Maybe the key this time is to just not get married. Don’t make it official. Just keep it breezy and see what happens.


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