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John Mayer Joins TikTok, Immediately Gets Slammed By Angry Taylor Swift Fans

At 43-years-old, John Mayer decided it was time to join the young platform of TikTok. I suppose he felt like he was missing out.

And I’m sure he expected to be welcomed with hugs and kisses, but instead, fans of Taylor Swift filled his debut with rain and clouds. As some of you may know, fans of Swift still have a lot of hate for Mayer because of his alleged mistreatment of her when she was just 19.

They reportedly dated for less than a year during the 2009/2010 period, when Swift was 19/20. Mayer was around 33-years-old at the time.

After their split, Swift wrote the track ‘Dear John‘ about him, and it painted Mayer as the bad guy, with lyrics like…

Dear John, I see it all now that you’re gone
Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with?
The girl in the dress cried the whole way home
I shoulda known

Dear John, I see it all now, it was wrong
Don’t you think nineteen’s too young
To be played by your dark, twisted games
When I loved you so?
I shoulda known

Ouch, right? OG fans of Swift still have an intense hatred for Mayer, so when he joined TikTok, they started trolling in his comments. Dropping comments like, “You’re not safe here John,” and “John, don’t you think 19 was too young?”

And it was obvious Mayer saw the comments because he seemingly responded to them by uploading a video himself mumbling and nodding his head while pretending to be lectured. He captioned the clip, “POV: You’re berating me and I’m hearing you out.”

This led to even more comments, with one user writing, “mr old man victim complex,”

Mayer then posted a third video of himself singing, “That was a weird day / That, that was a real weird day,” he captioned the post, “Goodnight new friends!”

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