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Tim Allen Says He Kind Of Liked The Fact That Donald Trump Pissed Off Millions Of People

Back in 1978, Tim Allen was arrested on charges of trafficking more than a half-kilo of cocaine. This all went down at the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport. He set up the drop-off at the airport and left an Adidas bag stuffed with cocaine in a locker.

He handed the key off to his customer, only then to discover the customer was an undercover police officer.

The Michigan state legislature had recently passed a law tying a life sentence to any conviction involving 650 grams or more of cocaine. Allen, in an effort to avoid this damning sentence, pled guilty to drug trafficking and offered the names of other dealers in exchange for being tried in federal court,

He ended up serving just two years in prison, most likely because he’s white. In any event, that’s how he started.

These days, he preaches about his love for the conservative mindset. You know, the side who still supports deadly drug raids on American citizens. Allen attended Donald Trump’s inauguration back in 2017, and then later got more hate when he compared his experience as a conservative in Hollywood to 1930s Nazi Germany.

During a recent episode of Marc Maron’sWTF” podcast, Allen talked about how much he hates paying taxes (he’s worth over $100 million, boo f**king hoo) and he also said he liked that Donald Trump pissed people off.

I’m not telling anybody else how to live. I don’t like that, ‘we should do this’ or, ‘we should do that.’ Once I realized that the last president pissed people off, I kind of liked that. So it was fun to just not say anything. Didn’t join in the lynching crowd.

You see, the problem with Allen is that as a white, multimillionaire, the only issue he cares about is taxes. Politics is a game to him, because the issues people are literally dying over don’t impact him.

So he can sit there in his mansion and laugh at Trump’s antics, but much like Allen’s latest sitcom, there’s nothing funny about it.

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