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Disturbing Video Shows Cop In North Carolina Beating/Choking K-9

We all know cops love to abuse their power. We have seen so many examples of this that it’s just depressing at this point.

Most of that abuse has involved humans, but now apparently that just isn’t satisfying them anymore. They need to abuse more creatures.

A cop in North Carolina is getting slammed for choking/hanging a K-9 by its leash, and then slamming its head against the car door. And then just for fun, he slapped it one more time.

And while this abuse was happening, two cops who were at the location joked, ‘We’re good, no witnesses.” They then tried to remember if their cameras were on or not.

Thankfully, there was at least one camera on, and now the Salisbury Police Department has “administratively separated” the asshole cop from the police dog, named Zuul.

Salisbury Police Chief Jerry Stokes addressed the incident at a news conference with Zuul by his side. Stokes said it’s conducting a review but couldn’t comment because it’s an open case. It’s unclear if the cop was suspended.

Don’t get too excited on the thought of justice for Zuul though. The Police Chief hinted that sometimes canine training tactics can be alarming out of context. He was basically saying, “We’ll investigate, but hey, this thing happens.”

It’s hard to imagine any “context” excusing that behavior. It’s sickening. And the fact that the cops even joked about “good thing there’s no witnesses” seems to suggest this was NOT normal.

We’ll see what happens, but at least Zuul is no longer with this douche of a human being.

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