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Nia Riley Reveals Soulja Boy Kicked Her While Pregnant, Causing Miscarriage

When Soulja Boy first shot to fame back in 2007 with the track ‘Crack That‘ — no one really expected him to be relevant years later. He seemed destined to be a one hit wonder, and honestly, that’s kinda what happened.

He had that one song ‘Kiss Me Thru the Phone‘ that somehow became popular, peaking at number three on the Billboard Hot 100. But that’s about it, beyond those two tracks, he’s mostly been a failing rapper with a huge social media following.

It’s crazy how long this dude has survived because of one massively popular track, but thankfully, his time in the spotlight might be coming to an end.

Why? Because he’s an abuser. Back in January of this year, the 30-year-old rapper was sued by an unnamed former personal assistant who accused him of locking her in a room for three days and repeatedly raping her. She also revealed he would constantly physically and verbally abuse her. Additionally, he reportedly didn’t pay her for her work.

A spokesperson for Soulja released the following statement, “Soulja would never put his hands on a female. He wouldn’t beat a woman or put his hands on a woman … this is nonsense.”

That sounds nice and all, but what about this clip? When he looked like he was about to attack Nia Riley on the set of Marriage Bootcamp?

Now that Nia is no longer with Soulja, she’s been opening up about the abusive relationship. She recently sat down with vlogger/interviewer Tasha K to discuss some of the abuse she experienced.

Nia claims that while she was pregnant with Soulja’s baby, they got in a fight, and he ended up kicking her in the stomach, causing her to have a miscarriage.

He absolutely knew I was pregnant. I was like 15 weeks. I don’t think I had told anybody else that I was pregnant because, truthfully, in my mind I didn’t know what I was going to do or what I wanted to do. And I was in LA so I had some time.

She claims the miscarriage happened several hours later.

I’m not sure what time it was that it happened but I know for sure it was that night, late that night, maybe early morning. I remember I had put a towel on the bed.

F**k this dude. Fame went to his head because he had one hit single and he’s spent the past 10 years thinking he’s some king. He can crank that sh*t right back to obscurity.

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