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Josh Gad Offers Eliminated ‘American Idol’ Contestant A New Gig

This season of ‘American Idol’ has been doing pretty well online, with the audition videos and subsequent rounds gaining millions of views on YouTube.

A lot of people fell in love with a singer-songwriter named Murphy. He was a truly unique singer and captured everyone’s hearts with his original songs while on the show.

The talented artist was sent home—on his birthday—just shy of making it to the top 24 contestants on season 19 of the series. Katy Perry delivered the news to Murphy, who performed an original song titled ‘Am I Still Mine’ prior to his elimination. 

The elimination was shocking to many fans because Murphy had such undeniable talent, but as we all know, Idol isn’t always about talent alone. Apparently, Murphy didn’t have the look they were going for this year.

Several fans begged Idol to bring him back as a Wild Card, but it looks like he may not even need Idol to find success.

Frozen‘ star Josh Gad reached out to Murphy on Twitter with a pretty cool offer…

Hey @Blindboy_music you were robbed on @AmericanIdol and I would love for you to honor us by writing a song for us on #CentralParkTV – DM me.

Central Park is a musical animated sitcom on Apple TV+ created by Loren Bouchard, Nora Smith and Gad.

Obviously Murphy was excited about the offer and responded, “I’d be honored. 🙂 Dming you now.”

For those wondering why his handle is “Blindboy_music” — it’s because he’s struggled with his vision and may lose it entirely by his mid-thirties.

My vision is substantially worse than the average person. My right eye is gone and my left eye is going, due to a form of degeneration. I’m expected to lose sight at maybe mid-thirties.

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