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DMX Family Visits Hospital And Holds Out Hope Even Though Things Aren’t Looking Good Following OD

As you’ve probably heard by now, DMX is clinging to life in an ICU unit after reportedly having a heart attack while overdosing on drugs.

TMZ claims the 50-year-old rapper has limited brain function after being without oxygen for several minutes while paramedics essentially tried to bring him back to life. Sources say the prognosis does not look good as he’s basically in a vegetative state.

But still, his family is hopeful. They hope that when the inflammation subsides his heart will heal. However, that’s likely just one of the many problems he faces. As we stated above, he was without oxygen for a long time and his brain function may never come back.

His family is planning on holding a prayer vigil outside White Plains hospital in New York at 5 PM ET on Monday night. On Sunday night, staff members at the hospital held their own small vigil for the rapper.

As we reported … DMX’s fiancee and mother have both been allowed to visit him in the ICU.

We’re told some of his kids are also flying in to see him, and family members are holding out hope that he’s going to pull through despite our sources saying he has limited brain function and it does not look good.

Sad, sad, sad news. His family is asking for prayers, and that’s really all they can do because at this point, a miracle is needed…at least if the reports from sources are accurate. Hopefully the sources got bad information and it’s not as dire as it seems.

In any event, we’ll be offering up our thoughts and prayers. And we’ll always remember this delightful clip (no sarcasm)

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