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NBA Legend Paul Pierce Fired By ESPN Following Bizarre Twerking Instagram Live Session

Paul Pierce’s run with ESPN is officially over. The sports network is saying goodbye to the former NBA star several days after he posted a racy twerk session with some nearly nude women on his Instagram Live.

ESPN did not explicitly say the video is the reason he was fired, but it certainly didn’t help his case.

Pierce has been with the network for the past three years, so this firing was a bit of a surprise, especially when you consider the NBA season is still going on.

And while ESPN has failed to address the firing, Pierce posted this clip to his Twitter account…

It’s likely that the twerking party on Instagram Live was the final straw for ESPN. Not only was he breaking COVID-19 protocol, but it’s also not exactly the image ESPN wants to put out, considering they’re owned by Disney.

At the end of the day, Pierce probably doesn’t mind too much. He’s worth over $70 million, so it’s not like he needs the job.

And we’ll always remember this gem…

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