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Bobby Brown Tells All On Red Table Talk, Blames Nick Gordon For Death Of Whitney Houston And Bobbi Kristina

Bobby Brown made a special appearance on Red Table Talk with Jada Pinkett Smith this past week, and during his emotional interview, he blamed Nick Gordon for both Bobbi Kristina’s death AND Whitney Houston’s death.

He believes Gordon provided them with the drugs that ultimately killed them. As most of you know, it’s been believed by many that Gordon played a major role in the death of Bobbi Kristina. In fact, he was found legally liable for her death in civil court.

But the speculation regarding Whitney Houston’s death is a new one. When Bobby was asked if he thinks Gordon played a role in her death as well, he responded with, “I believe so.”

He talked about how Gordon was the only one present for both deaths, and they both overdosed in bathtubs. He says Gordon was the type of dude who provided “party favors.”

It should be noted … cops investigated Gordon in connection with Bobbi’s death for years, but he was never charged. He was never a known suspect in Whitney’s death.

Gordon died on January 1, 2020 of a heroin overdose.

Bobby also talked about his own struggles with alcohol. His situation got so bad that he started losing bodily function.

[Because of] alcohol, I started losing bodily function. My body started shutting down because I was drinking that much. My body just was giving out on me. Even with alcohol, I got to the point where I needed it.

I wasn’t getting drunk anymore. I wasn’t getting a little tipsy anymore. I needed it to wake up. I needed it to stop the shakes, to function on a day-to-day basis. For me, it wasn’t recreational.

The full episode titled ‘An Urgent Warning From Bobby Brown” is currently streaming on Facebook Watch.

We should note that it’s interesting that he’s putting the blame on Gordon for the death of Houston when a lot of people actually blame him for her death.

Sounds like there is a lot of blame to be shared.

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