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Katy Perry Randomly Jumps On Twitter Account To Slam Social Media…Hmm?

What is one supposed to do when they hate social media, but also crave a place to share just how much they hate it? Well, apparently they just jump on the thing they hate and say it anyway.

Katy Perry randomly went on her Twitter account earlier this week and fired off a series of tweets slamming social media…

So she went on social media to talk about how much she hates it? That’s odd. It’s like walking inside a restaurant, ordering food, eating every last bite, and then being like, “this place is trash! I HATE THAT I ATE EVERYTHING, EVEN THE CRUMBS ON MY SHIRT!”

Also, it’s not like she’s saying anything new. We all know social media is terrible, but we continue to use it anyway. It’s this generation’s smoking. That might sound silly, but social media truly is addicting.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Katy Perry has spoken out about her disdain for social media. Back in 2018, she told Refinery29 the following…

A lot of us are living for that picture, and then the currency is the like. It’s hard because I’d rather not care about that and just live my life. We buy clothing and products or pose a certain way or go to an event to get a picture—it’s not good for us as a society. I think it’s actually the decline of civilization if we’re going extreme about it. We have to find a balance, and I’m trying to find my own personal balance with it because I’m just as much a victim as everybody else.

Safe to say though, Perry won’t be going anywhere. She has too many followers to lose. Social media makes her too much money.

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