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U.S. Army Sgt. Has Been Arrested After He Pushed And Shoved Black Man Walking In His Neighborhood

Just a warning before you hit that play button, the white dude in this video is perhaps the biggest douche known to man, and his actions will make you want to punch a wall.

The racist piece of sh*t in the video is a U.S. Army Sergeant named Jonathan Pentland. The 42-year-old, who is based at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, walked up to a black man walking in his neighborhood and accused him of being up to no good.

He was super aggressive, even as the black dude kept his cool and remained calm. At one point, Pentland shoved the dude and threatened to beat his ass if he didn’t walk out of the neighborhood.

The Black guy kept his cool, and said he was just passing through … doing nothing else but walking. Pentland and others recording the altercation continued to press him — accusing him of lingering around their home and surrounding streets for 15 minutes.

The good news is that Pentland is getting slammed hard for this, and it’s having real life consequences for him. He was arrested Wednesday morning on assault and battery charges.

Additionally, his superiors at Fort Jackson have seen the video and they are not happy. It’s not clear what punishment he may receive, but they did release this short statement…

This type of behavior is not consistent with our Army values and will not be condoned. We have begun our own investigation and are working with the local authorities.

And just because we always give you the full story here, we should mention there were reports by a few people in the neighborhood claiming the black guy in the video was approaching neighbors in a “threatening manner.” Reportedly, some of the neighbors asked Pentland to approach the dude.

But even if any of that is true, it does not excuse Pentland’s gross behavior. Also, officers believe the man in the video may have been suffering from a medical condition.

The Sheriff’s Office also says this of the alleged victim … he apparently has an underlying medical condition that might’ve affected his behavior that day, and the authorities are working to get him the help he needs, while trying to keep him out of the criminal justice system.

So yeah, bottom line, this Army douche could have shown this dude compassion, but instead he pushed him, shoved him, threatened to beat him, and showed some pretty racist colors.

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