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Jeffree Star Leaves Hospital With A Broken Back After Major Car Accident

You’ve probably heard of the name Jeffree Star before. The Youtuber/makeup creator/part-time racist has millions of followers and those followers were super concerned over the weekend after hearing that Star was in a major car accident.

The accident went down in Wyoming on Friday morning. Apparently, the car he was driving slipped on some black ice and flipped three times.

Star posted the photo you see below of him and his friend inside the hospital…

It’s important to remember that Star isn’t exactly known for his honesty, so some people were wondering if he was telling the complete truth here.

But Wyoming Highway Patrol Sergeant Jeremy Beck confirmed the news to PEOPLE…

‘There was slush on the roadway up in that area,’ Beck said, adding that Star was ‘transported to a hospital there in Casper.’ The sergeant confirmed Star was driving the vehicle, and both he and Daniel were wearing seatbelts. Further investigation into the crash is ongoing.

On Sunday, Star went on his Instagram Stories to post an update for his fans. He revealed that he was leaving the hospital, but he has to wear a brace around his back for a couple months because he broke his back.

“My vertebrae, three of them are not attached right now. And I am in the most excruciating pain ever,” he told his followers. Meanwhile, his friend has to stay in the hospital a little longer for monitoring due to previous issues from colon cancer.

Hopefully they both make a full recovery. Star may be a shi**y person, but I don’t wish no one pain. That ain’t my job.

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