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Surprise, Surprise! Ronnie From ‘Jersey Shore’ Arrested For Domestic Violence…AGAIN

The MTV show ‘Jersey Shore‘ was filled with douchebags, but perhaps the biggest douchebag of them all was Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. The juiced up guido was known for his volatile relationship with Sammie on the show.

Thankfully, Sammie was able to get out of the relationship, and now Ronnie is terrorizing some other girl.

According to the report, Ronnie was arrested in Los Angeles on Thursday, April 22 for domestic violence.

His daughter, [Ariana], was with him as it was his turn to watch her this week, but she is in safe hands now. The incident did not involve his ex Jenn Harley.

His lawyers declined to comment on the recent arrest because they were still collecting information. The LAPD confirmed the arrest, noting the booking fell under, “intimate partner violence with injury with priors.”

And the “with priors” is of interest here because Ronnie is currently on probation. He got 36 months probation as part of a plea deal he managed to get last year in a previous domestic violence case.

So yeah, the fact that he just got arrested for domestic violence while being on probation for domestic violence is not a good look. And depending on the seriousness of this most recent incident, Ronnie could be facing jail time.

He posted $100,000 bail, but we’re assuming he’ll be back in court real soon. We’ll see if he can avoid time in prison once again.

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