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Who Was Missing From The 2021 Oscars In Memoriam Tribute This Year?

Every single year, there is some controversy surrounding the In Memoriam tribute at the Oscars. Actually, that’s not fair. It’s not just the Oscars. Every major awards show has the same problem.

And that problem is they can’t include every single celebrity who has died, so they turn it into this weird popularity contest, which leaves some people angered.

This year, the Oscars missed some pretty big names in their In Memoriam tribute, including Naya Rivera, Jessica Walter and Oscar-nominated songwriter Adam Schlesinger.

As some of you may remember, Rivera was left off the Grammys tribute as well.

One fan wrote on Twitter:

Since the Academy, along with the Grammys, decided yet again not to include Naya Rivera in the tribute section of their three hour long show, we again have to do it for them.

Another user added:


And obviously there were multiple tweets just like the ones above. As mentioned above, this happens every single year. You would think these awards shows would learn their lesson.

That lesson being…STOP DOING THE SLIDESHOWS! They are weird. I mean, remember when people would clap during them, and only the well known actors would receive applause? Thankfully they put an end to that madness.

Now they need to take one more step and put an end to the silly slideshow. There should simply be some generic moment of silence during the broadcast for all who died.

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