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Remember ‘American Idol’ Star Avalon Young? Well, She’s Fighting For Her Life After Brain Cancer Battle

Some extremely sad news to report today. If you’re anything like me (an American Idol stan) then you probably remember/follow every former contestant.

And one of those former contestants is having a pretty difficult time right now.

Avalon Young performed on the 15th season of the show back in 2016, which feels like forever ago now. It was supposed to be the final season of Idol, and it was the final season to air on FOX. Young made it all the way to the top 8 before being eliminated.

She started having seizures last year, but doctors believed they were triggered by anxiety and prescribed her with medication.

Homeopathic doctors told me I had an issue with serotonin and gave me pounds of vitamins. I had bloodwork done, a QEEG, and an EEG and there was no sign of any problem with my brain.

So when she went in for her first MRI, she didn’t think the doctors would find anything, but unfortunately they did. A week after getting the MRI, the doctor informed her that they found a mass legion tumor on her frontal lobe.

She posted the devastating news to her followers online…

I’ve got cancer in my brain and I gotta boss up and take care of it. A second surgery, and then chemotherapy and radiation. I felt like it was only fair to let you guys know because you’ve supported me up until this point.

Unreal to receive this news at the age of 26. Everything is gonna be okay, the journey is gonna be wild, but I’m ready for it. Love you guys a ton. F*ck cancer.

This coming after already having a 16-hour surgery to remove the tumor, which was apparently the size of a peach.

The second surgery will be to try to remove even more of the tumor with a laser treatment.

We wish her all the best. If you’d like to follow her journey, check out her Instagram page by clicking here.

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