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Tyrese Out Here Shaving His Girlfriend’s Private Area…ON INSTAGRAM

Tyrese just might be the strangest celebrity in Hollywood right now. The dude shares things he probably shouldn’t share with the world. He treats social media as if it’s some private channel with only his most personal friends.

But in reality, he has millions of followers, and sometimes he and his new girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, share a little too much.

Zelie is an influencer on Instagram, so she documents her life quite often, and over the weekend she shared a few clips on her Insta Stories of Tyrese shaving her pubic hair.

She captioned the video, “I will never let go of my King. But does your man shave you though?” and in the background, Tyrese can be heard talking about his special method of putting creamer on first then mixing it with some oil.

The 42-year-old actor then called his 25-year-old girlfriend beautiful, and she responded with this gem, “No, what’s beautiful is your man hands. I know he’s supposed to be shaving, but I’m thinking about something else.”

2:00 minute mark

WHAT? WHY ARE YOU SHARING THAT? That’s weird as f**k. Ain’t no way around that. Her legs all up in the air, and him just between them looking like a creep.

Nah. No thank you. Gonna go pray or something. Spritz my face with holy water.

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