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Channing Tatum Admits He Only Works Out For One Reason, And It’s Probably Not What You Expect

At 41-years-old, Channing Tatum is probably in better shape than most 20-year-olds. In fact, it’s probably what he’s known for…his body, his dance moves.

But in a recent interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, the actor admitted he wouldn’t work out nearly as often if he didn’t have to be naked in almost all of his movies.

As someone who works out for a job, I promise you I would not look like this unless I had to be naked in most of my movies mostly. At some point I have to get better at acting so I don’t have to be naked in all of them.

He’s putting himself down there, but we all know he’s a decent actor. Your body might be enough to get you in a few films, but it doesn’t carry a career.

Still though, Tatum does show off his body in a lot of his films, perhaps most notably in the ‘Magic Mike‘ franchise, which made millions and millions at the box office.

But even though working out is basically his job, it’s still difficult…

I literally get to work out as a job and it’s still hard. I can’t imagine people who have a 9-5 job, who have kids at home, and where do they get the energy and the time to actually focus on themselves?

It’s great that he was able to acknowledge this. So many people compare themselves to celebrities, but it’s an unfair comparison.

Doesn’t mean it’s an excuse NOT to be in shape, but it’s an excuse to give yourself a break when you look in the mirror and don’t see a six pack.

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