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Watch Hulk Hogan on the Today Show. He Breaks His Silence over Sex Tape Leak

Hulk Hogan admitted on the Howard Stern show this morning that the woman on the tape was indeed Heather Clem.  He said that the tape was made six years ago.  Clem is the ex-wife of his good friend “Bubba the Love Sponge” who’s birth name is Todd Clem.

Howard Stern said that Todd aka Bubba offered up his wife to both Hulk Hogan and Howard Stern for years.  Stern revealed to Hulk Hogan,

“Bubba used to say to me: There are two guys in the world I’d let f*** my wife. He’d say, ‘Hulk Hogan and you, Howard.’

Hogan is truly upset over the entire tape.  Hogan found out today that his good friend set him up and always planned to make money off of him.  Bubba denies the allegations saying that he had no idea there was a camera.

After Stern, Hogan went on the Today show [more…]in efforts to come clean in attempts to restore what’s left of his public persona.  He said on the show,

“I had no idea there was a camera in the room, It was at a really low point in my life when I was in a previous marriage when things were bottomed out completely. And I was with some friends, I made a wrong choice and now all of a sudden it surfaces over six years later and it’s just appalling.”

Here is a clip of Hogan on Stern

Here is Hogan on the today Show:

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