Hurricane Katrina, 9/11, BP oil spill, Zayn leaving One Direction, Swedish Fish Oreos, and Justin Bieber deleting his Instagram account. What do all these things have in common? They were all dark moments in our history when the world had to come together and say, “We won’t let this break us. We are stronger than this. The pain can’t last forever.”

It’s true. The pain won’t last forever, but right now? Right f–king now? Justin Bieber has hurt everyone. If you see someone crying at school (or the office) today, go over to them and give them a hug. They need your support right now.

<<<<< The Fight With Selena That Caused The Deletion >>>>>

Listen…we can’t give you an explanation. We can’t tell you why God lets things like this happen. Maybe he simply felt like being a dick today, or maybe he stubbed his toe in the middle of the night. We all know the only way to feel better after slamming your toe against a chair is to yell, “F–KING HELL!” That’s not something God can do though, so instead he takes out his frustration by causing us pain.

This time? He went too far. Here are 5 ways to deal with a now Bieberless Instagram…


No. 5 – Give Back To Your Community

Your community needs you right now. We know sitting inside your bedroom while listening to Bieber’s greatest hits sounds super appealing, but you are better than that. Don’t shut the world out. Bring them in and let them know they have a friend. So get out there and help with food drives, help build someone a house, watch The Price Is Right with your elderly neighbor, volunteer at your local animal shelter…’cause dogs were Beliebers too.


No. 4 – Remember The Good Times

Remember this photo? Of course you do. Focus on how that picture made you feel when you first saw it. It’s always going to be here for you. Seriously. We saved that sh-t, so you can come back to this page and look at any time you want. When something this devastating happens, it’s imperative that you remember the good times. Don’t allow those negative thoughts to control your mind. Justin Bieber wouldn’t want that for you.


No. 3 – Lose Yourself In Nature

Sadly, people just aren’t spending a lot of time outside anymore. You’ve probably heard it before, but nature truly is fuel for the soul. Take a walk in the woods, go play the at the park, climb a tree, etc. We wouldn’t recommend feeding squirrels though. Leave that to Bieber and Dr. Dolittle. The last thing you need right now is a rabies scare. Yeah, the disease isn’t usually found in squirrels, but why take the chance…especially right now? Your family needs you.


No. 2 – Follow This Dude On Instagram

David Carrera has been described as the perfect blend of Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik. You can follow him on Instagram and trick yourself into believing he’s the real Biebs. But this is only for those of you who are really desperate. We don’t recommend this for most people because it’s important you move on and heal. Don’t replace your addiction with another addiction.


No. 1 – Just Wait…

He will be back. Trust.