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Elizabeth Hurley Has Steamy Makeout Session With Another Woman In Her Son’s Directorial Debut

Remember many months ago when we told you that Elizabeth Hurley’s 21-year-old son, Damian, wrote and directed a thriller titled, ‘Strictly Confidential‘?

He had his mom star in this movie, and for some reason, he gave her character a sex scene with another woman. The first trailer was released this week, and it features a taste of that scene, which features his mom making out with another, much younger lady.

Pretty wild stuff. That’s such a bold move. We’re just going to assume Damian is really into his craft, because well, the alternative option is a little strange.

The whole trailer is confusing and I’m not completely sure what the film is about. Honestly, it just looks like a whole bunch of attractive people making out, which honestly, I’m game for.

When news of this film was first released, Damian went on his Instagram account to thank his mom for agreeing to be in it…

I want to worship @ElizabethHurley1 who, during the making of my first ever short film back in 2010 (when I was 8) promised me she’d be in my first feature; true to her word, the minute this film was greenlit, Mama dropped everything and raced out to the beautiful Caribbean to help. Working together was a dream.

… a wet one?